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Enduring Product: Challenges in Mapping Focal Atrial Tachycardia

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Enduring Product: Interventional Electrophysiology: Better Results with New Mapping Technologies?

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Enduring Product: Strategies for Mapping and Ablation of Atrial Tachycardia

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Enduring Product: Update on Newer Antiarrhythmic Agents

Supported by Gilead

Enduring Product: Stroke Prevention and Anticoagulation Management in 2014

Supported by BMS Pfizer

Enduring Product: Epicardial Approach to Mapping and Ablation of VT

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Heart Rhythm On Demand 2014

The Heart Rhythm Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Sessions, May 7-10, in San Francisco, CA focused on the intersection of technology and medicine, and the ideas and people that continue to propel the global heart rhythm community forward.


Summits On Demand 2014

Online access to all three Summits from the Heart Rhythm 2014 Scientific Sessions, May 7-10, in San Francisco, CA.
AF Summit provides a comprehensive review AF ablation and evolving therapies that are changing the field
VT/VF Summit provides a state-of-the-art discussion regarding all aspects of managing patients with ventricular arrhythmias
Lead & Device Management Summit explores the past, present, and future of lead and device management, with a focus on CIED treatment and troubleshooting techniques.


Heart Rhythm On Demand 2013

The Heart Rhythm Society’s 34th Annual Scientific Sessions, May 8-11, 2013 in Denver, CO will celebrate the history of the cardiac arrhythmia field and how the science, discovery, and innovation of the past and present are shaping our future.


AF Summit 2013

‘AF Ablation: State of the Art 2013’ will provide a comprehensive review of AF ablation and evolving therapies that are changing the field.


VT/VF Summit 2013

‘Techniques for Success and Tools for the Future’ highlights the historical development and state-of- the-art application of strategies to diagnose VT.

CME Enduring Product: AF Ablation: Do They Add Value?

Emphasizing the limitations of current atrial mapping and ablation techniques and where improvement is needed.

CME Enduring Product: Application of Advanced Mapping and Ablation Technologies

The session will explore the newer technologies that exist for mapping and ablating some of the common, and less common, substrates that may be treated in the pediatric and adult electrophysiology laboratory.

CME Enduring Product: 30 Years of Ablation

This session is a historical journal through early DC ablation up to modern electroporative, automatic, and non-thermal ablation techniques are reviewed by a pioneer and expert in the field of interventional electrophysiology.


Allied Professional Forum 2012

Over 12 hours of Allied Professional Forum sessions presented at Heart Rhythm 2012 including Introduction to EP for the Novice Allied Professional, Introduction to Device Therapies for the Novice Allied Professional, and Insights into Managing Computer Arrhythmia and Device Patients for the Advance Allied Professional.


Heart Rhythm On Demand 2012

The Heart Rhythm Society's 33rd Annual Scientific Sessions, May 9-12, 2012 in Boston, MA, showcase the latest science, discovery and innovation that are essential to quality care for our patients. Explore state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment options from internationally recognized leaders in our field.


AF Summit 2012

The AF Summit 2012 - The Past, Present, and Future of AF Ablation: Tools and Technologies for Improving Patient Care- provides a comprehensive review of AF ablation and evolving therapies that are changing the field. This session reviews four key areas- tools and technologies for AF ablation, catheter ablation of paroxysmal AF persistent, and long standing persistent AF, and the future of AF therapies. Free viewing access to AF Summit attendees only.


Catheter Ablation Pre-Course 2011

The 2011 Catheter Ablation Pre-Course, New Tips, Techniques and Technologies for Complex Arrhythmias, features world-renowned experts discussing detailed patient cases with a step-by-step analysis, providing a current, in-depth review of approaches to catheter ablation for the spectrum of cardiac arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation, complex atrial arrhythmias after AF ablation or in congenital heart disease, atrial tachycardias and atypical flutters, and ventricular arrhythmias with or without associated heart disease.


Heart Rhythm On Demand 2011

Through science, discovery, innovation and a focus on technology, Heart Rhythm 2011 will celebrate the successful collaboration between physicians, scientists, allied professionals and industry that has led to a variety of technical developments and dramatically improved patient care and outcomes.